Carbon Dioxide Sensor to be Enhanced with Self Learning Intelligence 

TSB-Supported Project Designed to Provide ‘Low Cost Smart’ Sensors

Glasgow UK, June 2014 – Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS) (project leader) in conjunction with project partners Traceall Global Ltd (TGL) and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)  have secured a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Collaborative Research & Development Project from the recent the Internet of Sensors call. Project value £149k.

This project will determine feasibility that random neural networks (RNN`s) can provide necessary intelligent self learning (ISL) and adaptive management capability for autonomous carbon dioxide/ humidity/ temperature wireless sensors within buildings – energy and indoor air quality demand control and management with minimal human intervention. Carbon dioxide /temperature/humidity wireless sensors from project lead Gas Sensing Solutions are low energy consumption and compatible with extended battery operation and energy harvesting , with no need for a connected power source.

This project addresses feasibility of using RNN`s to provide a low cost and low power consumption intelligent self learning network. Supporting real time autonomous decision making for use in building control, with a primary focus on indoor air quality control and minimising energy usage with resulting benefits in carbon emissions. The project consortium provides the necessary collective expertise, enabling a system approach to all aspects of the RNN enabled intelligent self learning network to be taken into account. Glasgow Caledonian University bring innovative patented RNN`s modelling/ algorithm/ software capability together with knowledge of adaptive management and connectivity methods relevant to buildings. Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd currently manufacture a unique patented low energy consumption CO2/ humidity/ temperature wireless sensors and have significant experience integrating energy harvesting strategies and inter-operability with other sensors. Traceall Global Ltd bring significant experience in use and deployment of wireless sensor networks  for buildings, logistics  and healthcare applications.

Three non-funded end users are part of the project, providing real performance needs and routes to market for indoor building control. The project calls for use of RNN`s  as a potential route to providing ISL networks, employing multiple energy harvesting compatible CO2/ humidity/ temperature wireless sensors for zoned air quality monitoring & control and reduction in building energy consumption.

Dr Des Gibson, CEO of GSS commented, “our success in developing and producing the worlds lowest power consumption non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensor platform, registered as CoZIR®, provides confidence that our unique technology can be further optimised to provide smart monitoring/ control for building management applications. Moreover, the project brings together a world class consortium, combining capabilities in GSS gas sensor development & production, TGL wireless sensor network deployment and GCU capabilities in low energy consumption algorithms providing intelligent self learning.”

About Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd

Gas Sensing Solutions ( ) was established June 2006 with funding from Tweed Renaissance Investment Capital & Scottish Co-Investment Fund. GSSL is the leading supplier of low power consumption and fast response carbon dioxide non-dispersive infrared gas sensors. Currently GSS produce the worlds lowest power consumption and fastest response non-dispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensors, registered as CoZIR® and SprintIR® respectively. Registered sensors are now in full production at the companies Glasgow based facilities, with applications including indoor air quality control/ energy reduction in buildings, industrial safety, horticulture. The patented sensor technology has received international acclaim and the company recently secured an Institute of Physics Innovation Award 2014. 

About Traceall Global Ltd

Traceall Global deliver Cloud software and services for traceability, tracking and monitoring of equipment and sensors. Traceall Global combine and store all data using the latest communications technology to a Cloud based WEB portal producing a unified view of all sensor and environmental data. These systems have been delivered into corporate customers such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Burger King allowing the management and control of all aspects of a restaurant. Traceall Global make use of a number of networking and connectivity systems to collect and

interact with interconnected systems. This experience utilises Mobile Phone technology (GPRS), Bluetooth, Local Networks and Cloud storage. This unique mix of technologies provides Traceall Global customers with a unique connectivity model ensure all aspects of the business are brought together.

About Glasgow Caledonian University

Caledonian University has a very active research group of staff in the area of Networking, Security, Communication Systems and Built environment. The staffs at GCU are very much focussed on innovative and applied research solutions. The school has spent over £1.5m on research and knowledge transfer infrastructure in the last 2-3 years including in the area of embedded systems, networks, and sustainable development. The school has more than 200 academics including Professors, Readers, and Lecturers, and Research Assistants. Facilities include Advanced Wireless sensor Lab,  Indoor Climate and Health Research Centre,  and advanced industrial modelling tools for buildings, and BIM. 

About The Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

TSB is an executive non-departmental public body (NDPB), established by the UK Government in 2007 and sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). TSB’s role is to stimulate technology-enabled innovation in the areas which offer the greatest scope for boosting UK growth and productivity. TSB promote, support and invest in technology research, development and commercialisation with the aim of spreading knowledge and bringing people together to solve problems or make new