A groundbreaking new collaborative research and development (R&D) project will place the UK at the forefront of the £7 billion global sensors and imaging systems market, deliver significant economic growth and onshore 41 highly skilled research and manufacturing jobs from Asia.

The initiative prject backed by Scottish Enterprise and CENSIS, the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensors and Imaging Systems funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), will bring together companies and organisations to collaborate on the production of materials integral to manufacturing a variety of goods that use sensors, ranging from asthma inhalers to infrared cameras.

Four companies – Cascade Technologies (lead company partner), Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global (CSTG), Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS), Amethyst Research Ltd – and the Research Division of Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering at The University of Glasgow will combine their expertise in different aspects of manufacturing next generation sensing technologies to produce a wide range of products for different end markets.

The project will provide the organisations with access to III-V semiconductors2, allowing the companies involved to create cutting-edge, quality mid-IR sensors in high volumes with greater sensitivity, lower cost, reduced energy use and a longer lifespan than existing products. These can be employed in a wealth of applications including: gas analysers, methane sensors, distributed feedback lasers3 and a vast array of industrial processes.

Working at locations across Britain, each company will bring expertise in the growth of these materials and play an important collaborative role in the supply chain. The businesses will then take the materials and produce a variety of different products relevant to their specific end markets – none of them will compete with each other.

The project is supported with almost £6 million in funding over the next three years, comprising £2.8 million from the companies participating, £2.6 million from Scottish Enterprise’s collaborative R&D support and £241,000 plus capital equipment provided by CENSIS.

For further information visit http://censis.org.uk/censis_projects/mirage/