New research has revealed that those who do not ventilate their homes properly can expose themselves to harmful levels of pollutants and increased levels of CO2.

Modern homes are now being built to be airtight to prevent such harmful chemicals and monsture building up from not opening windows or vents.

There are strong links between poor household ventilation and ill-health. Residents need to be aware of the build up of CO2 and other pollutants in their homes and the potential impacts it may have on their health. The effects can cause eye and skin irritation, damage to the central nervous system and have even been linked to cancer.

Simple steps to keep in mind:

  • Keep vents or windows open when cooking and showering
  • Increase ventilation when using cleaning products
  • Open your window sligtly at night to allow airflow
  • Dry laundry near an open window rather than on a radiator
  • Understand how the ventilation system of your property works