NDIR CO2 Sensor

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd, the LED-based CO2 sensor specialists, will be showcasing it’s low power CoZIR®-LP sensor at the AHR Expo 2018 in Chicago, USA.

CoZIR®-LP a very low power CO2 sensor – up to 80% lower power than typical NDIR CO2 sensors. This makes it the lowest power NDIR CO2 sensor available today.

Its world-leading power consumption and extended lifetime makes it ideal for battery powered systems, such as portable, wearable, handheld, and self-powered applications. This includes IoT applications, like ‘smart homes’ and ‘smart cities’.

At less than 8mm tall, this miniature, lightweight CO2 sensor offers easy integration into gas monitoring and detection systems and has a power consumption of only 3mW.

The sensor is designed for low concentration CO2 environments, with measurement ranges from 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm and 0-1%.

CoZIR®-LP is built on GSS’s unique patented LED technology platform and optical designs. It’s this solid-state technology that enables best-in-class power consumption, lifetime and durability.

GSS’ multi-patented LED technology monitors the presence of CO2by sensing how much light is absorbed by CO2 molecules as light passes through the sample gases – known as Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) absorption. CO2 absorbs between 4.2 and 4.4 microns and the amount of light absorbed indicates how much CO2 is present. Typical NDIR CO2 sensors use a heated filament to generate a range of wavelengths in the infrared. This is very energy inefficient as the light must be filtered to only leave the required wavelengths. It also produces a lot of wasted heat. By contrast, GSS developed the world’s first commercial, mid-range IR LEDs that are specifically tuned to emit between 4.2 and 4.4 microns. This makes them very energy efficient, and means they require less energy to take a reading.

See the sensor 

GSS will be showcasing the CoZIR®-LP CO2 sensor on the EnOcean booth – #4126 – at the AHR Expo in Chicago, USA. If you would like to see the sensor for yourself, please contact us and we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet you.

Evaluation kits for the CoZIR®-LP are available to order now – please contact us for a quote. A full technical specification is provided in our datasheet here.

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