Industrial Safety

There are many sectors of the industrial market that require workers to actively monitor their work environment for their own protection. It is also naturally produced as a by-product of the fermentation process. CO₂ is heavier than air and highly toxic in anything other than very small concentrations, and it can easily gather in potentially lethal concentrations, especially in confined spaces. 

CO₂ sensors are used in the restaurant, hospitality, and associated environments, where CO₂ is used as a propellent gas for beer and soft drinks. For example, beer delivery drivers will carry a little alarm monitor to detect if there are high levels of CO₂ in the cellar. CO₂ sensors are used in both portable battery powered applications and fixed wall mounted installations. The GSS sensors with their low power and small footprint make them ideally suited to these applications enabling them to be easily integrated.

For food and vegetables, CO₂ is often the most significant or important among the protective gases. Carbon dioxide inhibits the growth of most aerobic bacteria and moulds and, the higher the level of CO₂, the longer the achievable shelf-life. This technique is used in both protective packaging and for use in refrigerated containers. 

GSS has a wide variety of cost-effective sensors for use across the industrial market covering CO₂ measurement ranges from 0-1% through to 0-100%, and measurement rates from 2 samples per second to 50 samples per second.

Wireless Sensor

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Reliably measure wide-range CO₂ levels with this small footprint compact sensor. Suitable for harsh and rapidly changing environments and unstable conditions.