Whatever your need in CO2 sensing, there is a SmartIR product for you.  We offer three main product families,  optimised for the varying requirements of CO2 markets:


High Speed / Medical The world's fastest NDIR CO2 sensors enable new innovations and applications in gas sensing, including in high-speed food processing, or medical applications like breath analysis or capnography.
Industrial / Wide Range Solid state technology yields an incredibly rugged range of CO2 sensors, capable of withstanding high vibration and wide pressure variations - yet without compromising cost or performance. 
Ambient / Breathable Air The world's lowest power NDIR CO2 sensors for ambient air applications - such as Building Management Systems (BMS), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors, Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) and many more.

All our CO2 sensors use the SmartIR LED-based technology, which delivers benefits in ruggedness, extreme low power, and simplified system design.