Whatever your need in CO2 sensing, there's a SmartIR sensor for you. We offer three main product families, optimised for the varying requirements of CO2 markets.


High Speed
The world's fastest NDIR CO2 sensors facilitate new applications in CO2 sensing, such as breath analysis, capnography, sports science and veterinary, as well as high-speed food processing applications.
Industrial / Wide Range Solid state technology yields an incredibly rugged range of CO2 sensors, capable of withstanding high vibration and wide pressure variations - yet without compromising cost or performance. 
Ambient Air / Low power The world's lowest power ambient air CO2 sensors. For applications such as Building Management Systems (BMS), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), HVAC, Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) and many more.

All our CO2 sensors use the SmartIR LED-based technology, which delivers benefits in ruggedness, extreme low power, and simplified system design.