Severe weather in Scotland temporarily closes GSS office

Due to severe snow conditions in Scotland, the GSS office remains temporarily closed today (02/03/2018).

The manufacturer advises that the office remains temporarily closed today (02/03/2018), as local roads are impassable.

Adverse weather conditions have also affected telephone lines, and the company is experiencing phone outages. GSS advises that the best way to get in touch is via email - All emails will be monitored and responded to as quickly as possible.

GSS would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding during these challenging weather conditions. The company expects to re-open on 05/03/18, once weather conditions have improved. In the meantime, contact should be made via email - 


GSS technology

CO2 sensors work by measuring how much light is absorbed by CO2 molecules in the 4.2 and 4.4 microns range as it passes through the sample gases, which is called Non-Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) absorption.  The amount absorption indicates how much CO2 is present.  GSS developed LEDs that are specifically tuned to emit at these wavelengths.  These LEDs use very little power and turn on almost instantly, enabling sensor readings to be made in less than a second.   As a result, GSS CO2 sensors are the only NDIR CO2 sensors that can be powered by batteries.  Competitor sensors use IR sources that require significantly more power per measurement and also take much longer to reach a stable condition for a measurement so that they need to be mains powered.  

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

GSS is a world leader in CO2 sensor design, manufacture and customisation.  Its disruptive technology uses proprietary, mid Infra-Red LED sensors to enable best-in-class records for fastest response times, lowest power consumption and longest product lifetime.  Based in Scotland, this technology pioneer exports state-of-the-art sensors worldwide, and has in-house bespoke development capabilities to support its international customer base.  Tel: +44 1236 781900