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CO2 sensors and solutions

CO2 sensors and solutions

We’ve been designing and manufacturing solid-state CO2 sensors and custom-fit solutions for over a decade. You’ll find our solid-state sensors are being used all over the world – on land, under the seas, and in the skies. So there’s every chance that a GSS sensor is already out there being used for your application.

Our core sensor range is suitable for a wide variety of markets. This includes air quality & HVAC, healthcare, horticulture & food processing, transportation, industrial safety, and aerospace sectors. Whether you need high speed, low power, durability or a really tiny sensor, we’ve got it covered.

As for measurement concentrations, go as low or as high as you want. You can measure ambient CO2 levels at 0-2000ppm, right up to 100% concentration.

Some complex applications require specialist knowledge and experience. Likewise, custom requirements call for a deeper understanding of solid-state technology. This is our specialist area of work, and it’s all we do. So we’re well placed to work with you on your next exciting project.

USP and Customers

Giving you the edge


Tiny size and format fits inside the smallest of instruments and systems.


So low power can be used for battery/wireless and very low
power applications.


Fast response and measurement rate gives instant repeated readings.


Robust, solid-state design gives longer lifetime and reliability in
harsh environments.

Working with global companies


Custom solutions

If you need some modifications to a standard product, or you want a complete custom solution, we can help.

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Case studies

Browse our user stories to see GSS carbon dioxide sensors in action across real world land, sea and space applications.

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What our customers say


“GSS has worked closely with us to develop N-Tidal’s exceptional medical CO2 sensor. The result is transformational respiratory technology.”

Jeremy Walsh

Storage Control Systems

“The GSS sensor has enabled us to develop a fast response, handheld CO2 analyser for MAP that no other sensor could.”

Kevin Johnson
Production Manager

Schneider Electric

“We’ve collaborated with GSS on an ultra-low power, long life wireless CO2 sensor that meets performance requirements for building and residential markets.”

Gilles Chabanis
IoT Sensors Excellence Center Manager


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