Ambient Air CO2 Sensors

The CozIR family are intended for CO2 sensor applications in "ambient air" - typically breathable air applications in smart buildings, office management, HVAC, BMS, IAQ controls, monitors, and test instruments.  They excel with their world-leading LED technology and the industry's lowest power.

The CozIR range of ambient air sensors are ideally suited for 0-5000ppm measurement ranges. However, ranges from 0-1% CO2 concentration and 2000ppm CO2 concentration are available at an additional cost for specialist applications.

CozIR LP The world's smallest AND lowest power CO2 sensor for ambient air applications. The CozIR LP is 85% smaller than the standard CozIR and uses 50X less power than the best-in-class competing sensors. SmartIR 3.5
CozIR  The industry's lowest power CO2 sensor for ambient air applications. The CozIR also includes integrated temperature and humidity monitors. SmartIR 3.0

(For high-concentration / industrial environments, please see our Industrial / Wide Range Sensor Range; we also have a range of industrial NDIR CO2 sensors suitable for lower sample rates.)

Based on GSS's patented SmartIR technology, the CozIR family boasts the industry's lowest power consumption.  More than that, they are easy to design with - our pedigree in low power sensing applications means that we've been able to eliminate many of the system-level challenges in developing wireless sensor applications.  For example, reduced pulse currents eliminate the requirement for super-capacitors in battery powered designs, while the low power dissipation nullifies the self-heating effect which plagues many wired controller designs.

With many years of experience delivering CO2 sensors to battery-powered applications with some of the world's biggest manufacturing companies, you can be sure that a CozIR sensor from GSS is the reliable choice for your application.