High Speed CO2 Sensors

In some gas sensing applications, speed of response can be critical.  Our SmartIR technology enables high speed with low power, without the extreme cost penalties of other approaches. 

Based on solid state technology, our products are ideal for hand-held or battery-powered products - where their rugged nature, easy integration and low power are beneficial to the system designer.

High speed applications are diverse, and include CO2 sensing in medical applications like capnography - breath analysis which can help sufferers of diseases such as COPD or even asthma; and range from the hospital environment through safety, food processing, and even spatially-aware applications in leak detection.  Many of these applications also benefit from the low power offered by solid-state sensors.

The GSS high speed family includes bespoke sensors with up to 100Hz sampling, and includes integrated, compact units in the popular 20mm format.  Contact us to discuss your application.




Ultra-fast CO2 sensor with 6X faster response rate than the current SprintIR (based on 0.1 litres per minute flow rate and 0-10% step change in CO2 concentration).  SmartIR 3
High speed CO2 sensor with up to 20 samples/second, normally supplied as a flow-through product.  SmartIR 3

(For breathable air environments, please see our Ambient/Breathable Air CO2 sensor range; we also have a range of industrial NDIR CO2 sensors suitable for lower sample rates.)

Based on GSS's patented SmartIR technology, the SprintIR family uses robust solid state technology, which is proven vibration-proof and capable of handling wide variations in pressure - making it not only an ideal choice for industry, but also in aerospace, diving and other harsh environments.  It also boasts the industry's lowest power consumption.  

SmartIR sensors are easy to design with - our pedigree in low power and IoT sensing applications means that we've been able to eliminate many of the system-level challenges in developing sensor applications.  For example, reduced pulse currents eliminate the requirement for super-capacitors in battery powered designs, while the low power dissipation nullifies the self-heating effect which plagues designs which integrate temperature sensing.

With many years of experience delivering CO2 sensors to some of the world's biggest manufacturing companies, you can be sure that a SprintIR sensor from GSS is the reliable choice for your application.