SprintIR6S CO2 Sensor

The SprintIR6S is our NEW, ultra-fast CO2 sensor for high speed applications, with response rates that go unmatched by any other NDIR CO2 sensors. 

SprintIR6S is designed for applications that require capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations, and is suitable for measuring concentrations from 0-100%. The sensor takes up to 20 readings per second, and has a 6X faster response rate than the current SprintIR sensor*, making it the world's fastest battery-powered NDIR CO2 sensor. This is achieved by using a small sample volume of only 2ml. 

 * Based on 0.1 litres per minute flow rate and 0-10% step change in CO2 concentration.


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Key benefits

  • Fastest ever response rate - 6X faster than SprintIR*
  • Ultra-fast warm-up time - < 30 seconds to first reading
  • High speed sensing - 20 readings per second (20Hz)
  • Low power - 35mW 

Measurement Ranges

  • 0-5%
  • 0-20%
  • 0-100%

Typical applications

The SprintIR6S is designed for high speed sensing requirements, and for applications that require capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations, such as:

  • Capnography
  • Fitness testing
  • Metabolic assessment
  • Sports science
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Bio-medical 
  • Incubators

SprintIR6S is available with options to support either flow-through or diffusion configurations, depending on your application.

For a detailed specification, you can download the datasheet, or contact us for more information.

SmartIR™ technology

SprintIR6S is underpinned by our SmartIR™ technology, which is built using a solid state, LED-based sensing platform. As a result we're able to achieve ground-breaking levels of speed and ruggedness, together with ultra-low power. This makes our sensors ideal for use in breath analysis, capnography, bio-medical, veterinary and similar applications. 

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