MinIR 5%, 20%, 60%, 100% industrial CO2 Sensor

Product Description

  • Measurement ranges from 0 to 100%
  • Rugged, one-piece construction
  • Fully solid state operation; vibration resistant
  • Easy Integration; Compact (20mm diameter)


  • Ultra Low Power (3.5mW at 2 measurments/second)
    • Peak current only 33mA;
    • Average current ~1mA at 2 measurements/second
  • Minimal Power Up Time (1.2 seconds)
  • Can operate for 10 years on an AA battery cell
  • Compatible with Energy Harvesting / PV techniques
  • Digital Output = easy system integration

Measurement Ranges

  • 0-5%
  • 0-20%
  • 0-60%
  • 0-100%
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Detailed Description

The MinIR CO2 sensor is based on our SmartIR technology platform, bringing the benefits of solid state electronics to NDIR CO2 sensors.  MinIR uses LEDs to deliver ultra-low power and rugged/vibration-resistant performance to the industrial platform, delivering a sensor capable of measuring 100% CO2 concentrations with ease.

In continuous operation MinIR delivers two samples/second and consumes only 3.5mW in continuous operation.  Even with two carbon dioxide measurements per second delivering low latency and accurate results, it is typically 50 times lower powered than standard NDIR sensors.

The MinIR sensors’ combination of extremely low power consumption and instantaneous warm-up, answers directly the growing demand for sensors which can be integrated into battery or self powered wireless systems, allowing economical real time monitoring of CO2 concentration levels.

In addition, the small 20mm diameter of the MinIR sensor makes it the ideal sensor for use in probe applications.

We can supply an optional USB to TTL cable which gives users a fast, simple method to attach our sensors to the PC and directly view measurements.

For a detailed specification, you can download the datasheet, or for more information, please get in touch.