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GSS CEO at Sensor + Test 2018

AZO Sensors catches up with GSS’ CEO, Calum MacGregor in Nurnberg.

Could you tell us a bit about Gas Sensing Solutions and why you are attending SENSOR+TEST 2018?

We are Gas Sensing Solutions and we’re world leaders in manufacturing CO2 sensors. We manufacture LEDs in-house – all of our CO2 sensors are LED-based, which gives us three huge advantages; low-power, robustness, and high speed. Those are the three markets we target; low-power is normally the battery-powered market; Robust, for those challenging applications which need to endure vibrations and bumps, or where you need to withstand changing pressures and temperatures. And high speed, where you want to measure rapidly changing CO2 levels, for example, in breath analysis and other medical applications.

CO2 breath analysis

Monitoring Exhaled CO2 with the N-Tidal handheld monitor

We are here because SENSOR+TEST has been by far the most successful show at reaching these very different markets. We operate in lots of different practical markets and all of them come together once a year at SENSOR+TEST 2018.

Are there any products that you are highlighting this year?

High Speed CO2 sensor

SprintIR6S high speed sensor

Two products. One is our high-speed sensing range, known under the SprintIR brand – particularly the SprintIR-6S which has been really successful for the last few years. It’s the fastest CO2 sensor in class by a long way, and it’s showing a lot of traction in medical markets. We’re also introducing our ExplorIR brand. This is a range of CO2 sensors for harsh or challenging environments, where the sensor undergos a lot of vibration or shocks, and is subject to particularly testing conditions.

What makes those products unique to anything else that is on the market?

High speed. We are best in class in terms of our speed and response. This is often needed for measuring very rapidly changing CO2 levels. For example, in people’s breath you need a very rapid speed of response. We are just best in class there because we are using our own innovative LED technology. This is also the case in terms of the tough and robust strengths of our sensors. Because they’re built on this solid-state technology, there are no heated parts, no moving parts, and they can withstand many Gs of vibration experienced during acceleration, with no compromise on performance and accuracy.

Factory where the GSS LED is made

GSS LED making factory

Which industries do you primarily serve?

We serve a very broad range of markets. We make CO2 sensors for air quality markets, such as for building automation and control systems. We manufacture sensors for horticultural applications, such as for plant growth and grain storage applications. In terms of healthcare, we make CO2 sensors for medical markets. For example CO2 sensors for breath analysis applications like capnography and fitness testing. We have many customers in the food transportation and storage industries, who use Carbon Dioxide sensors in shipping containers. The wonderful thing about SENSOR+TEST is that we meet people who are doing things we had never thought of before!

We also manufacture custom CO2 sensors and solutions for people who have a really challenging environment. Some customers want us to design a Carbon Dioxide sensor for an application we never even knew existed! There are so many weird and wonderful applications out there and we’re just glad to be able to lend our extensive knowledge and create a custom solution for them.

Calum MacGregor CEO of GSS

Calum MacGregor, CEO of GSS

Calum MacGregor talked to AZO Sensors about GSS’s experience at the Sensor + Test show.