Gas sensing solutions - monitoring CO2 levels in space

CO2 sensors blasted into outer space again!

Our Carbon Dioxide sensors are heading for the far reaches of the galaxy once again! The CozIR®-A CO2 sensor will be launched into space as part of the ‘Let’s Talk Science’ Action Project, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency.

co2 sensors for monitoring co2 levels in space

Monitoring air quality in space!

Canadian astronaut, David Saint-Jacques sets off for the International Space Station (ISS) next month. During the mission, David will carry out various scientific experiments, and test new technologies. One of the experiments will be a test carried out for the ‘Let’s Talk Science’ Action Project. The aim of the new project is to see how environmental conditions – such as temperature, light, humidity, and air quality – impact the health and well-being of astronauts in space.

monitoring co2 levels in apce

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques embarking on his next space mission

On his return, David will report his findings, and participating schools will be able to compare the results from space with their own findings back down on planet earth. The mission provides another exciting opportunity for GSS sensors to be involved in space exploration and scientific discovery, whilst also inspiring generations of students all over the world.

In a recent live Facebook stream, David addressed educational leaders and student scientists. Find out more about the project and space mission here: 

A video of astronaut, David Saint-Jacques talking about the mission is available here:

co2 senosrs for space