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Cumbernauld, UK: Gas Sensing Solutions has today announced the launch of the new EvaluatIR range of CO₂ evaluation kits. The EvaluatIR-A and EvaluatIR-M evaluation kits provide users with a convenient way to evaluate GSS CO₂ sensor technology in an easy-to-use battery powered package.

The EvaluatIR range has been designed with the user in mind. The kit, which is RoHS compliant, is easily configurable via a PC based interface, and measurements can be stored for subsequent analysis. The EvaluatIR-A allows measurement of CO₂ over a 0-1% range and the EvaluatIR-M over a 0-20% or 0-100% range.

In addition to CO₂ levels, both the EvaluatIR-A and EvaluatIR-M are also capable of recording pressure, temperature and relative humidity and provide a time and date stamp.  The power consumption of the evaluation kit is user configurable, enabling the 2 x AA batteries to last for 12 months.

Julian Hayes, CEO of GSS said “We are delighted to be launching the EvaluatIR range of evaluation kits to market. They allow our customers to evaluate our low-power solid state mid Infra-Red LED CO₂​ sensor technology, typically as a precursor to incorporation of one of our CO₂​ sensors in their own equipment.  Use of the kit speeds up the evaluation process and reduces time-to-market for our customers.”

The EvaluatIR range is available to order from today. For more information, or to order an EvaluatIR Evaluation kit, please visit www.gassensing.co.uk.

Gas Sensing Solutions Expands Product Portfolio with EvaluatIR® 30/01/2020

About GSS

GSS is a world leader in CO₂ sensor design, manufacture and customisation.  Its disruptive technology uses proprietary, mid Infra-Red LED sensors to enable best-in-class records for fastest response times, lowest power consumption and longest product lifetime.  Based in the UK, this technology pioneer exports state-of-the-art sensors worldwide, and has in-house bespoke development capabilities to support its International customer base.

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Gas Sensing Solutions

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