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15 April 2020 – Cumbernauld, UK:  Gas Sensing Solutions, a pioneer in solid-state gas sensors, has launched a new ultra-high-speed CO2 sensor. The SprintIR®-R takes a reading every 20 milliseconds, making it amongst the fastest solid-state CO₂ sensors available today.

The SprintIR®-R sensor allows the user to measure CO₂ levels in real-time with high accuracy.  This capability enables designers to integrate CO₂ measurement capability into new generations of equipment; healthcare professionals can monitor CO2 levels in patients’ breath in real-time when using respiratory machines; or measure CO₂ levels in food packaging on a production line where the gas is used to extend shelf-life.

The SprintIR®-R is based on GSS proprietary solid-state non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) LED technology, where the sensor measures concentration levels by analysing the amount of light absorbed by the CO₂ gas.  The ability to measure CO₂ gas levels at unprecedented rates is due to a combination of GSS solid date detection technology with its inherent high response rate, and special optical design techniques.

The SprintIR®-R is released to production.  A customer evaluation kit is also available, enabling users to easily assess the performance of the SprintIR®-R.  Each kit contains a SprintIR®-R CO₂ sensor, USB cable to connect to a PC and software to allow the user to control and configure the sensor. For more information, or to order SprintIR®-R CO2CO₂sensor, please visit www.gassensing.co.uk.

New High-Speed CO₂ Sensor from Gas Sensing Solutions 15/04/2020
The introduction of the SprintIR®-R CO₂ sensor enables our customers to take near real-time readings. This is essential for applications such as capnography and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

About GSS

Headquartered in the UK, Gas Sensing Solutions is a global leader in solid-state Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) LED-based gas sensors.  Uniquely, the LEDs and companion photodetectors are manufactured in-house on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machines and used in all its patented NDIR diffusion CO2 sensors.

GSS design, develops and manufactures a wide range of solid-state NDIR CO₂ gas sensors, providing innovative products to the world’s leading OEMs where low power, high accuracy and high-speed measuring capability are required.  GSS has world-wide representation, selling into a wide range of markets including indoor air quality monitoring systems, healthcare, aerospace, food storage, transport and packaging and personal safety equipment.

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