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Cozir LP sensor

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CozIR LP - Our smallest and lowest power CO2 sensor

The CozIR LP is our NEW ultra small, ultra low power CO2 sensor. It's 85% smaller than the current CozIR ambient sensor and consumes 50X less power than the best-in-class competing sensors.  

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COZIR Wide Range

Our products

CozIR Wide Range - Low Power, Compact CO2 Sensor

COZIR Wide Range is an ultra low power (3.5mW), high performance NDIR CO2 sensor, ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments.

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Our products

SprintIR - Low Power, Fast Response

SprintIR is a high speed (20Hz) NDIR CO2 sensor, ideally suited for applications which require capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations including metabolic assessment and analytical instrumentation.

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MinIR CO2 Probe Sensor, Carbon Dioxide Tester

Our products

MinIR - Low Power, Compact CO2 Sensor

MinIR is an ultra low power (3.5mW), NDIR CO2 sensor, with a compact 20mm diameter, ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments.

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Our team of engineers are here to offer help with product specification, design and integration, as well as providing general technical assistance.


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Our CO2 sensors are used in a wide range of markets including building control, food packaging, industrial safety, breath analysis, aerospace and many more.

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Need more information? You could start with our frequently asked questions. Or if you'd like some technical support with your project, our team of experienced engineers and physicists will be happy to help you.  


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GSS CO2 sensor increases diver safety

Recreational diving is enjoyed by people around the world, and diving with rebreather equipment is booming. Rebreather technology recirculates the air, removes the CO2 and tops up the oxygen level. As a result, a small tank of air and a small tank of oxygen is all that's needed, rather than big tanks of compressed air.


About GSS

We design and manufacture market leading low power, fast response NDIR Carbon Dioxide sensors. Our unique CO2 sensor technology is used across a wide range of applications, such as building control, food packaging, breath analysis, industrial safety and many more.

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