Corporate Social Responsibility

Gas Sensing Solutions set high standards to provide the best quality products and services. Each CO₂ sensor undergoes rigorous testing at each stage of the production process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

GSS is committed to creating a successful business and ensuring the impact on the environment is minimised and that all activities are conducted safely by trained and qualified employees. The following summarises our policies and procedures. 

Overall responsibility for developing corporate policies for social, ethical, and environmental matters and for reviewing their effectiveness lies with the GSS board and management team. It is then the responsibility of individual managers to communicate and apply these policies within their respective departments or geographical areas with due regard for legislation to ensure compliance with the policy and to maintain, review and refine procedures accordingly. GSS policies and procedures, including those relating to social, environmental, health and safety, employment, and ethical matters, are communicated to all staff via regular briefings and the GSS employee network. Policies and procedures are reviewed regularly, and any updates are communicated to staff.

The three key areas of corporate social responsibility at GSS are:

  • The environment
  • Health and safety
  • Human rights, employment, and ethics

The Environment

GSS is committed to adopting environmentally responsible policies.

Health and safety

GSS recognises its health and safety duties and responsibilities and complies with the relevant health and safety legislation. The Chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for health and safety. GSS health and safety policy is communicated to all staff via the GSS staff handbook and employee network.

Human Rights, Employment and Ethics

It is our policy to adhere to all legislation relating to employment rights and equal opportunities, with reference to non-discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. 

We ensure that physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, sexual or other forms of harassment towards employees is not tolerated.

We ensure that disabled persons are recruited, trained, and promoted on the basis based on aptitude and ability. If employees become disabled, every effort is made to retain them and when necessary re-train them for appropriate posts.

We pay wages and benefits that meet or exceed national minimum requirements and adhere to working time regulations where applicable.

We do not use forced labour nor employ workers under the school-leaving age.

We provide a safe and secure workplace and promote good health and safety and environmental practices.

We adhere to applicable laws regarding the freedom of employees to associate or bargain collectively without fear of discrimination. All employees are expected to behave with integrity and honesty and adhere to the code of ethics.

Employees may freely report any concerns they may have over unethical business practices or conduct, dangers to health and safety, or breach of company policies. Any such disclosures are appropriately investigated. In addition, GSS is committed to protecting the career and reputation of employees who report wrongdoing in accordance with established procedures, as long asif their disclosures are delivered in good faith and seek to safeguard the best interests of the company. We do not give or receive any bribes, extra contractual gratuities, inducements, facilitation fees or similar payments.

We do not give to customers or business contacts, or allow employees to receive any gifts, whether in cash or kind, unless in the course of during normally accepted business entertainment or the subject of prior written approval by management.

We do not donate (including sponsorship, subscriptions or provision of employee time or facilities) to any political party or similar organisation.

We ensure we purchase legal licences to all software in use.

GSS recognises the value that its employees create for the business and its commitment to training and personal development, together with remuneration policies that are designed to reward achievement and emphasise the importance of retaining staff.

GSS provides information to employees on a regular basis. This information includes matters relating to company performance, prospects, and the future outlook for business.

GSS supports local charities and participates in a range of community activities.


Anti-Bribery Policy

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