Gas Sensing Solutions Launch a Revolutionary New Low Power CO₂ Sensor to Market 26/09/2019

26 September 2019 – Cumbernauld, UK: Cumbernauld-based Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) continue their rapid international expansion plan by creating the lowest power CO₂ sensor on the market – the CozIR®-Blink. Power consumption can take as little as 26uW per reading. This comes just 3 months after the successful launch of 2 new sensors in June of this year.

The technology firm will begin taking orders for the CozIR®-Blink from today via its direct and partner channels.

The CozIR®-Blink is a revolutionary addition to the GSS product line. The CozIR®-Blink is designed to be powered down completely between measurements. This enables customers to individually manage the power consumption based on their needs and application. The sensor can be turned on when a reading is required and then turned completely off when not in use. Additionally, the CozIR-Blink features both Digital (UART) and I²C Interface outputs and is capable of taking measurements of up to 1% CO₂ concentration.

Founded in 2006, GSS has produced CO₂ sensors for a variety of applications including healthcare, industrial safety, aerospace, and food processing in markets across the globe.

GSS Strategic Projects Director, John Fuller, said: “We are delighted to launch this new and innovative product to our line of low power carbon dioxide sensors. Our market research indicated that our customers – particularly those in HVAC and IAQ applications – really need a low power sensor that excels over what is already on the market. With the CozIR®-Blink, users are able to not only configure the power consumption of the sensor based on their needs, but the ability to switch the sensor off completely between measurements allows for the sensor to run off a 3.6v lithium cell battery for 10 plus years.”

About GSS

Headquartered in the UK, Gas Sensing Solutions is a global leader in solid-state Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) LED-based gas sensors. Uniquely, the LEDs and companion photo-detectors are manufactured in-house on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machines and used in all its patented NDIR diffusion CO₂ sensors. GSS designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of solid-state NDIR CO₂ gas sensors, providing innovative products to the world’s leading OEMs where low power, high accuracy and high-speed measuring capability are required. GSS has world-wide representation, selling into a wide range of markets including indoor air quality monitoring systems, health care, aerospace, food monitoring and personal safety equipment.

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